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Hi! I just wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for letting me join the group. I look forward to sharing and enjoing some new ideas and recipes with you. My name is Nola and I am a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling grandma. I am married to a wonderful man and we have been married for 31 years. Our daughter and our 5 year old grand-daughter live with us and I take care of my grand-daughter and help with her homeschooling while my daughter works and goes to college. I also run an eBay business with my Mom, so I keep pretty busy. My husband is wanting to retire come next year after 37 years at the Post Office and with supporting our daughter and grand-daughter we need to find new ways to cut back and save, yet still enjoy our lives. This is all new to me. but I look forward to learning. That's about all there is to tell. Thank you again for letting me join the group.


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