List Price: $59.99 Deal Price: $29.95 You Save: $30.04 (50%)Everything a little girl needs to be a Princess. 18 individual Toys & more than that in actual pieces!! You will receive 1 Princess Fashion Kit - A precious princess package. Decorative tiaras adorn two bracelets and a zippered purse. Each Includes two ornate hairclips. Each set on card. These will come in pink or purple. You will receive one Deluxe Faux Rhinestone Tiara with hanging pearl drop jewels, 1 Blinking Cowgirl Party Hat - Just flick a switch on the inside of the hat to ignite a pulsating presentation of multi-color light: batteries included. You will receive 24 temporary princess tattoos 6 unique styles & 2 Princess Magnetic Draw Pads. You will receive 2 Mini Princess themed coloring books each set with 4 crayons. You will also receive one polyester neon pink Bandana, 1 6 ft pink feather boa, 1 Mini Princess Star Wand, 2 Princess beaded stretch bracelets (pink & purple) for Best Friend Princesses. Finally every set will include 1 16" Inflatable Princess Beach Ball & a 42 inch Inflatable Princess Bat. Are we forgetting anything. Let us know & we'll include it in the next one. All individual parts replacable. Any defects will be replaced upon asking.Expires May 25, 2012

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