Pinecone Santa

1. Coat medium-size pinecone with nontoxic red acrylic paint. Let dry.

2. Meanwhile, cut out a 3-inch-long half circle of red felt for hat. Cut a
strip of black felt for belt. Cut out a small square of yellow felt and a
smaller square of black felt for buckle.

3. Break a craft stick into thirds and glue the 2 rounded end pieces to base
of pinecone for feet.

4. Use black marker to draw eyes on a wooden ball head. Break the end off a
toothpick and glue it to ball for nose, then glue ball to top of the

5. Glue the ends of felt half circle together in a cone shape for hat. Glue
polyester-fiber filling at base and top of hat. Glue hat to ball.

6. Glue filling on lower half of ball for beard.

7. Glue black-felt square to yellow square; glue yellow square to black-felt
strip, then glue felt strip around pinecone for belt. Glue twigs to pinecone
for arms.