List Price: $99.99 Deal Price: $29.99 You Save: $70.00 (70%)Due to high demand, the Haan GS30 garment steamer has sold out, but we have another great deal from our colleagues at Woot: "You're an R/C enthusiast, but you're also a family man. You want to be outside with a remote in your hand, but you've got mouths to feed. Well, with the Ranger Fishin' Buddy, you can get your R/C fix AND bring home dinner! Okay, well, maybe not a full dinner, but part of one? Sure. After all, we're talking about a toy boat that catches real fish! A replica of the popular model 1860 Angler, this baby's got a unique twin-engine drive that's designed not only to ensure that the fishing line and any debris won't get tangled in the propellers--it's also got enough power to tow the fish back to you! Just use the telescoping retrieval tool to lift the boat out of the water and take a look at your catch. So why not grab one? C'mon! It's fun for everyone--even the fish! (We might have been lying about the 'fun for the fish' part.)"Expires May 18, 2012

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