<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Tired of Digging through the Pantry to figure out what to have for dinner?
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<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">5 Meals from 1 Bag of Groceries: Week 1
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<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Monday: Asian Beef Stir Fry - recipe
<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Tuesday: Pork Medallions w/ cranberry Stuffing - recipe
<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Wednesday: Mediterranean Chix- recipe
<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Thursday: Garlic Steak & Onions- recipe
<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Friday: Digiorno Pizza - Harvest Wheat
<SPAN class="968374915-09112007">Shopping List: http://www.kraftfoods.com/pdf/1Bag5D..._HL_Fall07.pdf

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