To fellow Pennsylvanians -

Focus groups for consumers are becoming more popular.

They're similar to an online survey, but you travel to a facility for

a face-to-face interview. A little less convenient, but

tons more money!

WHAT: 3 Focus Groups

WHEN: November 13 9am - 7pm

November 14 9am - 3pm

HOW LONG: 1 hour

WHO: Groups below

WHY: Get $100 CASH at the end of an hour

WHERE: CareWorks Clinic

King's Market Allentown

Next to the pharmacy

The Shoppes at Cedar Point

365 Cedar Crest Blvd

Allentown, PA 18103

(These groups are being sponsored by a large health insurance company.)

We're holding 3 groups in Allentown next week. The groups are 1

hour long, and at the end you'll get $100 CASH. We're looking for

three groups:

Group 1: People with chronic illness (asthma, high blood pressure,

diabetes, heart condition)

Group 2; Moms with at least 2 kids under 13, and who also help an

elderly parent with trips to the doctor, picking up meds, etc

Group 3: People who primarily do their grocery shopping at Wegman's.

You will be doing the group with a friend - someone in the same

category as you. Give us a call, answer a few questions, have a

friend in mind who is like you and you can come and make $100 EACH.

What a great afternoon out!

The topic is healthcare concerns, and you need to have health

insurance in order to participate (nothing will be billed to your

health insurance, they just want people who are insured through

their work, spouse's work or have private health insurance or Medicare.)

If you're interested, please call me ASAP at 888-400-3809. Figured

this was a great way to "spread the wealth" to other budget-saavy


If you're interested in the focus groups, please call me ASAP at

888-400-3809. If you have any questions, please give me a call or

email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Tonya in PA

Pick Research Solutions