List Price: $49.99 Deal Price: $59.99Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "When the spotlight hit me and my date during the couples' skate, the roller rink exploded with laughter. It wasn't my skating. It was my hair. Scorched, stiff, brittle: a textbook case of a straightening gone wrong. My horrified date glided off into the shadows. I skated all the way home, the scornful cackles ringing in my ears. As soon as the tears stopped flowing, I got a Remington Shine Therapy digital ceramic hair straightener and vowed: never again. The floating plates are infused with avocado and vitamin E conditioners. And the digital readout ensures I always know exactly how hot the plates are, from 300??F up to a salon-hot 430??F. Thanks to the Remington Shine Therapy straightener, I can show my face at the roller rink again. Good thing, too: Do you have any idea how hard it is to skate with a paper bag over your head?"Expires May 13, 2012

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