The Thanksgiving table can be a sight for hungry eyes. And while our

bellies crave this annual feast, it's important not to gobble up too

much food.

• Steam or sauté your veggies in olive oil for a healthier

alternative to high-calorie casseroles

• Remove the skin from your turkey and top your meat with cranberry

sauce or chutney instead of gravy

• Say no to bread, rolls or biscuits and no thanks to second


• Take a walk with the kids or other family members after you've


Whether it's your first or your twenty-first turkey to carve, these

steps will ensure a Thanksgiving masterpiece.

• Start with the proper tools: sturdy carving board, a sharpened

knife, serving fork and a warm platter

• Let the bird rest for 15-20 minutes, then remove the stuffing and

set it aside in a warming drawer

• Remove the legs and thighs by pulling the legs gently outward and

inserting the knife into the joints; repeat this same step to remove

the wings

• Slice the meat in a downward slant and place the slices on top of

one another to keep them warm on the platter

Kelly in IL