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NinJump Deluxe Free
Backflip Studios
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 09, 2012

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The top-rated NinJump Deluxe app is now free! This version includes three levels to extend your ninja climbing fun and to further test your dexterity.

The Castle, Pirate, and Jungle levels create a whole new NinJump experience. It's still the fast paced ninja climbing game loved by millions of classic NinJump fans. Your goal is to rise as high as you possibly can, but this time you will be avoiding new, more treacherous enemies such as: angry beetles, wacky snakes, evil witch doctors, funky monkeys, mad hornets, bee hives, ninja pirates, cannon balls, peeved parrots and enraged sea monsters.

Features include:
-Simple single-tap gameplay
-Beautiful enhanced graphics
-Witch Doctors
-Awesome bonuses
-Sea Monsters
-Original sound and music
-Game Center leader boards
-Ninja Pirate Parrots
-Challenge a friend via email

-Tropical Snakes
-Post scores on Facebook or Twitter
-Monkeys throwing bee-hives
-Giant Beetles

Thanks for playing!

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