Blotchy skin- 1 minute fix: dust your face with a lemon-yellow or

pale green tinted powder that counteracts ruddiness and gives you a


Eyes look puffy- 1 minute fix: Apply a caffeine eye gel to the area.

When used topically, caffeine quickly reduces puffiness and even

helps reduce fine lines.

Getting a pimple- 10 minute fix: Dab the spot with a product

containing salicylic acid, a natural ingredient that absorbs oil.

Leave on for 10 minutes, and then wipe away excess.

Hair is greasy- 5 minute fix: Mist hair with a dry shampoo. The new

generation of these products are loaded with oil-absorbing grains

that give hair body without leaving a powdery residue.

Skin is sallow- 1 minute fix: Apply a rosy tint to your lips and

cheeks for a beautiful flush. Rosy tints blend into your natural

skin tone to create a shade that's specifically flattering for you.

chipped nail polish- 5 minute fix: Smooth the chipped area with a

swab dipped in polish remover. Dab matching polish over the spot

only, then apply top coat to the whole nail for a seamless finish.



1. A shine boosting brush- Use a brush infused with jojoba oil so you

wont need to apply a seperate shine boosting product.

2. Double-duty body wash- Shower with a super moisturizing body wash

(look for moisturizing oils on the label). It will cleanse skin and

leave a veil of hydrating moisture.

3. The "fastest" foundation- Stick foundations are the easiest to

apply. Draw small lines on your forehead, nose and cheeks; blend

outward and go.

4. A one-step razor- Use a razor with a built in lather strip and you

can skip the shaving cream.

Kelly in IL