1. Refresh your rolls. Wet a paper bag, wring it out, put stale rolls

inside and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes for moist insides

and crispy crusts.

2. Harvest Herbs. Dry herbs inside a bag; the darkness keeps them

tastier(light harms flavor), and the cover keeps them dust-free!

3. Clean a vase. Fill a cloudy vase with pieces of torn bag, add water

and soak overnight. Then dump out the paper to reveal your clean vase.

4. Ripen fruit. Speed tomatoes, apples,avocados,and bananas to the

table;bag them to trap the ethylene gas that causes ripening.

5. Soak up spilled wax. Cover cadle drips with a bag; pass a warm iron

over it. Keep moving to a clean place on the bag until the wax is gone.

Kelly in IL