List Price: $19.99 Deal Price: $14.99 You Save: $5.00 (25%)Your BABY ALIVE doll might be feeling a little under the weather, but she'll get all better with your loving care and this fun set! Put the "thermometer" into her mouth to see that if has a "fever." Hold the "medicine" spoon to her mouth and tilt it downward to see the "medicine" disappear. Then, put the "stethoscope" up to her chest to "hear" her little heart! Once the check-up's over, put on a few bandage stickers to make her feel special and keep her hydrated with drinks from her sippy cup. When she wets her diaper, she'll need a change-but that just means that she's perfectly healthy and ready for playtime again! Doll comes with shirt, "medicine" spoon, sippy cup, "thermometer," "stethoscope," 4 bandage stickers, blanket and diaper. Ages 3 and up.Expires May 15, 2012

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