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Starlight - Mobile Planetarium
Genre: Education
Release Date: January 03, 2012

FREE for a limited time!

Point your iPhone like a magic lens into the night sky, and see in real time what stars, planets, and constellations hover above. Starlight features the smoothest navigation available on the app store, at a blazing 60 frames per second. Not only is this planetarium app fast, it's beautiful to look at. See constellations come to life against a vibrant backdrop of stars, each colored according to their actual stellar classification. Amaze your friends and educate your kids with this impressive app.

Features include:
* Lightning fast compass navigation.
* Touch to select celestial objects, and learn about stars and planets. Discover trivia connecting stars to some of your favorite science fiction Learn the folklore behind constellations.
* Over 100,000 stars from the Hipparcos database, painted accurately according to their spectral type.
* All 88 western constellations.
* Planets of the solar system. (We threw in Pluto because we're sentimental.)

* Universal binary runs on both the iPhone and the iPad. Each version was designed exclusively for the device, with unique art and code.

Note: This has been designed for the iPhone 3GS and later, iPod 3rd Gen, and the iPad. If you are using a device that doesn't have a compass, you'll still have access to a lot of astronomical information, but not all of the features.

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