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NOOK by Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Genre: Books
Release Date: May 27, 2010

NOOK™ for iPad and iPhone from Barnes & Noble offers an incredible reading experience for NOOK Books, magazines and newspapers including New York Times Best Sellers, new releases and hot newsstand titles like Us Weekly, Star, The Oprah Magazine, & Martha Stewart Living. Choose from more than two million NOOK Books, magazines and newspapers with thousands of free books and sample books.

And we’re not just transforming your iPad or iPhone. We’ve even got a free NOOK app for your Mac and PC, other smartphones, and a great, dedicated eBook reader called NOOK, so you can read the NOOK Books you buy from us on the screen you want.

The NOOK app is not just a new chapter, it’s part of a whole new story that's going to kindle a real revolution in reading. Your NOOK Books: available, anywhere, anytime, any place.

NOOK features:

• Two million books, magazines and newspapers at your fingertips
• The most popular magazines all in one place delivered directly to your iPad, iPhone 4/4S, or iPod touch 4th generation
• Free samples of books and thousands of free classics
• Sync your current reading position with PC, Mac, NOOK and NOOK Color devices
• Tap or swipe to turn pages
• Adjustable font size so you can make the text as big as you want for reading
• Multiple font types so you pick the typeface you prefer
• Brightness control for easy reading in any light
• Built in Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary
• Search inside the book
• Add notes, bookmarks, and highlights
• Customizable background and text colors, use our themes or create your own

Newsstand Customer Favorites include -
Entertainment/Celebrity: Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Us Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, OK! Magazine, Star
Home/Lifestyle: Martha Stewart Living, O: The Oprah Magazine, Dwell, Every Day with Rachel Ray, House Beautiful

Food: Saveur, Every Day Food, Food Network Magazine, Food & Wine
Fashion: Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar
Business/News: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Newsweek, Forbes
For Men: Maxim, Esquire, Car & Driver, Men’s Fitness, Outside, Men’s Health, ESPN the Magazine, Men’s Journal
Technology: Popular Science, PC Gamer, PC Magazine, Maximum Tech, Information Week, MacLife, Maximum PC
General Interest: Consumer Reports, Family Circle, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest
Newspapers: USA Today, The Washington Post, The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, the Onion

To read NOOK Kids books, download the free NOOK Kids for iPad app.

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