Save Passwords
Never again forget a username or password. Ever. Forget what it's like to go through tedious password resets.

Fill Out Cards/Forms
Stop filling in the same forms over and over. Identity Safe can auto-fill your addresses, credit cards, frequent flyer numbers and much more.

Store Notes
Securely save notes and quickly find them when you need them.

Found something interesting? Want to tell others? Share straight from Identity Safe.

Safe Web
Don't be tricked into revealing confidential information to the wrong crowd. Know whether a site is bad, before it loads.

Safe Search
Avoid bad sites. Know whether a site is bad before you visit.

Multi-Web Browser
Your user names and passwords are always available to you - even if you decide to change browsers.

Across Devices/Platforms
Free apps for your iOS and Android mobile devices so you can easily and securely access your favorite Web sites wherever you go.

Mobile Apps
Access your important data while on-the-go.