The Leapster Explorer Grade School Globetrotter Pack contains everything your child needs to get going on this ultimate handheld learning device. Offering a range of interactive activities, customized skills, and videos, the Leapster Explorer game system comes pre-installed with the Pet Game and provides endless ways to play for kids ages four to nine. This bundle also includes the Globe Earth Adventures game and a carrying case for on-the-go play.

Leapster Explorer
Grade School
Globetrotter Pack

  • Ages: Device, four to nine; Game, four to seven
  • Requires: Four AA batteries, coin, and Internet connection
At a Glance:

  • Includes learning games, e-books, videos, and more
  • Personalized play adjusts to learning pace and level
  • High-quality graphics and beloved characters keep kids engaged
  • Global Adventure game teaches geography, problem solving, and other skills
  • Carrying case holds device, up to five games, and other accessories

Includes the Leapster Explorer, the Globe Earth Adventures game cartridge, and a carrying case. View larger.

Kids can play and learn on the go.

Holds handheld, 5 games, and accessories. View larger.

Games, Videos, and E-Books Build School and Life Skills

Winner of several industry awards, including Toy of the Year (TOTY) 2011, Leapster Explorer encourages kids to explore something new every day with over 40 games and activities that develop school skills while keeping active minds entertained. High-resolution graphics and well-loved characters from Dora to Buzz Lightyear to the Madagascar Penguins keep kids engaged as they develop reading, math, science, and geography skills and build life skills like music, health, and problem solving.

From games to learning apps, personalized play to progress updates, and on-the-go to online adventures, Leapster Explorer offers a wide variety of ways for kids to play and learn.

Easy Setup and Software Installation

Setting up the Leapster Explorer is easy enough for older kids to complete on their own. Younger ones might need help using a coin (nickels work best) to remove the battery compartment cover and insertExpires Jun 1, 2012

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