Honey Strawberry Jam-Sugar Free

6 cups chopped strawberries
2 boxes low/no sugar sure jell fruit pectin
1 1/2 cups honey
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp Splenda

1. Wash and sterilize 6-7 half pint jars.
2. Put lids in a small pot of hot water-keep hot, but not boiling.
3. Mash berries with a potato masher in a large heavy bottomed saucepan.
4. Stir in pectin. Bring to a rolling boil. Stir and boil 1 minute.
5. Remove from heat and add lemon juice and honey. Mix well.

6. Return to heat and bring to boil; stirring occasionally.
7. Boil for 5 minutes; stirring constantly.
8. Remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes; stirring occasionally. It will thicken slightly.
9. Ladle jam into hot jars, then put lids in place. Add screw rings. Tighten just 'finger tip' tight.
10. Immerse jar in hot water water bath. Boil rapidly for 8 minutes.
11. Remove from bath and place on a towel on counter to cool.