In order to take advantage of this offer, you must First register your cell phone online by going to Shop Text (link below) and registering online:

-Register your cell phone number.
-Enter in the code that is text messaged to you.
-Fill out your address information. Credit card info is not necessary.

TEXT THE WORD : PROM to 467467

Will ask for age and it's for ages 13-24 only!
Once you enter age it will ask for the first of 3 UPC codes:
Enter code for Secret Scent Expressions : 037000204688
Then it will ask for your second code:
Enter code for Secret Scent expressions Body Splash: 037000279853
Then it will ask for your 3rd and final code.
Enter code for Secret clinical Strength Solid in Oh Lala Lavender : 037000496946
Finally it will as you for your First and Last Name!
Then you'll get a message saying The following:
"Thanks! Your Free Bracelet Will Ship In 6-8 Weeks..."

Good Luck!