One thing I have learned over the years, is that chain stores can

have varied rules and regulations involving coupon acceptance and


The best thing to do in order to know exactly what your store

accepts, is to call and ask or email. Most places are allowed to

instigate rules above what corporate has, but not less than- meaning

if corporate allows for internet coupons, then the stores can allow

or not allow them on a store by store basis. However, if corporate

does not allow internet coupons, then the stores are not allowed to

accept them, period.

The same holds true for double or triple coupons, how many coupons

they will accept, how many duplicates they will accept, whether free

items in buy 1 get 1 free sales are allowed a coupon, etc.

If you find out from managment at a store that they DO accept

multiple coupons for b1g1 sales, but the cashier says no, simply ask

for a manager. Additionally, if it's something you run into often,

you can request a formal written coupon policy on the store level,

and carry it with your coupons. Then, just show it to the cashier.

Likely, they will still ask to speak to a manager to confirm, but it


One thing I've noticed is that cashiers are not always "in the know"

when it comes to coupon policies- some deny coupons they think they

aren't supposed to have, some accept coupons without realizing they

shouldn't, etc. It causes confusion on the customer level when they

constantly get conflicting versions.

Never challenge the cashier if you know you are not supposed to be

turning in some of the coupons you have, because they can lose their

job if they accept coupons they aren't supposed to accept. Never

lose your cool with the cashier- they are just doing their job.

Instead, if you are confused over a matter, ask for manager help to

clarify it.

Anyway, here's my list of stores that accept double coupons in the

various area's I've lived in:

Meijer- Any Lansing or Mt Pleasant (michigan) area Meijer's store

will double up to 2 identical coupons, with no limit on how many

coupons double. Any more than 2 coupons will register at face value.

The Mt. Pleasant store does not accept coupons on free items, but

many cashiers will do it anyway- it won't scan, they can add it in

manually, and most often will, so feel free to try, but don't get

upset if they reject multiples. Meijers does NOT accept internet

coupons, unless it is from their own website.

Kroger- The West Saginaw Lansing location, and the Mount Pleasant

location will double up to 2 identical coupons, again with no

limits. No internet coupons allowed.

Super Wal-Mart- the West Saginaw Lansing location & the Mount

Pleasant location will NOT double coupons. There is no limit to how

many you can use. No interent coupons allowed.

Grand Rapids area, Michigan:

The ONLY store in the Grand Rapids area that doubles coupons is

Housemans in Kent City, 20 minutes north of Grand Rapids. Meijers,

Family Fare, D&W, Spartan, Piggly Wiggly- none of these will double