Dear Visitor,

This program launched a few days ago by only telling 37 people. In the first day we got 236 requests for a sample. This number has compounded and grown every day. Today (Tuesday, Apr 10 at 9:43am) a person posted this offer on an influential blog. Within an hour we new something was happening. Something BIG! Within 45 minutes we had over 1000 requests. That number has compounded and grown so fast that we not only ran out of samples, but will need to hire four temporary workers to get the samples that were requested out on time.

So, we must temporarily pause the program as we rush to get more resources in place to keep it going.

Rest assured, we will send more samples! Please enter your contact info and we will let you know when it is ready to go again. We will only email you to let you know the samples are back in stock. We do not spam you or sell your information. Ever.

Team AX

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