1. Go to Recyclebank.com/login

2. If you haven't already, Register for a new account using the link above, no need to activate account, just register.

3. Log in

4. Then Click on the Following link:


Earth911.com is now partnering with Recyclebank to reward you for doing the right thing.

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Signing Up for the Earth911 Newsletter: 5 Points

Reading an article: 1 Point per article

How do I get Recyclebank Points?

Currently, there are two ways:
1.Registering for the Earth911 Instant Expert Newsletter.
2.Reading stories on Earth911.com, with a maximum of 3 opportunities to earn each day.
Simply read an article and click the Get My Points button at the end of the story, or on the last page of articles that contain more than one page.

In the future, we hope to offer you more ways to get points for making better choices!