List Price: $24.99 Deal Price: $12.09 You Save: $2.14 (52%)Connect 4 x 4 is similar to the classic original, but now you can play with up to four people, and the double-sided grid adds greater complexity and more chances to win. Designed for ages eight and up, Connect 4 x 4 may have doubled the challenge, the amount of players, and the grid--but the fun and scoring are still the same: four in a row and you win!
Connect 4 x 4
  • Ages: 8+

    Required: 4 players

What We Think

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The Good: Up to four people can play Connect 4 x 4; features new colors and helpful blockers.
The Challenging: Younger children may need pointers on the double-sided grid when first playing.
In a Nutshell: Fun remake of a favorite game with added challenge and complexity. Double-sided Grid, More Colors, New Pieces
Connect 4 x 4 is the only checkers four-in-a-row, four-player game--making it perfect for family game nights. With the new double-sided grid, you can score on both the front and back side of the game.
Game play is simple--pick a line, drop a checker in on each turn, and hope that your opponents don't foil your strategy before you get four checkers in a row! The game has also added "blockers," which can be used to block your opponents on both sides of the grid in one turn. However, make sure to save your blockers for when you really need them--you only get two and they are valuable!

When you're finished playing Connect 4 x 4, a convenient locking top slide keeps the pieces on the grid so you never have to worry about lost checkers.
Challenging Remake of a Timeless Favorite
If you grew up playing Connect 4, you'll quickly realize that Connect 4 x 4 is like having both an old favorite and a new game all in one. You can still play the game with two players, but now also have the option of playing with four. The double-sided grid adds a welcome challenge and complexity for long-time Connect 4 players. A word of warning for younger players: the added complexity may be a bit challenging to understand at first, but once they do, they'll definitely be hooked.
What's in the Box
Double-sided grid, 68 checkers (17 of each coExpires Apr 10, 2012

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