<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">Here's another of my favorite recipes that is dirt cheap to make, very healthy and delicious to boot. Radishes are one of my favorite things to plant, because I can space them out, planting some, waiting 2 weeks, then planting a few more rows, waiting another couple weeks, you get the picture. I have a continual supply for many weeks.
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<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">Here's a super yummy, fast side dish that even the kids will eat.
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<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">Sauteed Radish~Radish Greens & Garlic
<SPAN class="937574000-07102007"><SPAN class="937574000-07102007">1 teaspoon butter or olive oil
1 clove of sliced garlic.
Leaves from bunch of fresh radishes
3 sliced radishes
Salt and Pepper (optional. Season to taste)

<P hasbox="2">Sautee sliced radishes in warmed oil or butter for 4 minutes on medium heat. Remove slices from pan.
<P hasbox="2">Add sliced garlic and brown.
<P hasbox="2">Add greens and sauté about 4 minutes until cooked down like any green. Add radish slices to heat. Return the radishes and toss together with the radish greens and cook about another minute to warm slices.

<P hasbox="2">Not only does it taste g<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">reat but<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">it's very attractive lookingwith the green leaves<SPAN class="937574000-07102007"> &red<SPAN class="937574000-07102007">/white radishe<SPAN class="937574000-07102007"> slices
<P hasbox="2"><SPAN class="937574000-07102007">~Liss
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