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$1 off any Three Arm and Hammer Laundry Products
$1 off any 2 Arm & Hammer Toothtpaste or Whitening Booster Product (2.5 oz or larger)
$1 off any two Arm and Hammer Fabric Softener Sheets or Total 2-in-1 dryer Cloths
$1 off any Arm & Hammer Cat Clumping Litter
$1 off any Arm and Hammer Floor Protection Pads
$3 off any Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Product
$2 off any Arm and Hammer Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush or Refill
$1 off any Two Arm and Hammer Mentadent Toothpaste Products (3.5oz or larger)
$1 off any one Arm and Hammer Simply Saline Product

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