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    Lori Clendenen

    Default Fast Easy (Cheap) Dinners

    Great topic! My favorite quick meal is Chicken Spaghetti in the crock pot.

    You take chicken breasts and put them in your crock pot (I use a bag of frozen chicken breasts from don't even have to thaw them). Dump a jar of spaghetti sauce over the top and cook on low all day. Boil and drain noodels and voila! A quick and tasty supper.

    Lori in Iowa
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    <DIV dir="ltr" align="left"><SPAN class="989121113-04102007">Anything in a crock pot. That way it can cook whileI am at work.

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    <SPAN class="085455414-03102007">I don't know about ya'll, but here, between making sure the kids homework is done, household chores and work, I need to be able to throw togethera meal in no time.

    <SPAN class="085455414-03102007">What are your favorite, fast, cheap meal ideas?

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    Default Fast Easy (Cheap) Dinners

    We make "Chinese spaghetti" It can be made with freshly boiled pasta or leftover

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    Default Fast Easy (Cheap) Dinners

    Sorry, AOL hiccupped on me and caused me to send an unfinished email:

    Chinese pasta

    We stir fry some spaghetti in a mix of olive oil and butter. We add soy sauce, ginger, garlic. If we have veggies and are so inclined, in they go. Otherwise sprinkle with sesame seeds and eat it up.


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    Default Fast Easy (Cheap) Dinners

    My fast easy (cheap) dinner is "Bake Potatoe Bar" Simply bake potatoes

    and set out leftovers -chili, grilled chicken, bacon, cheese,

    salsa,etc. I use this as a way to clean out the fridge.




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