For the kids only a free grab bag of starter pins. To help you kids get started in pin collecting we are offer a free bag of great starter pins. So how do you get the free pins? It is very simple, all we ask is that you send us a letter telling us a little about yourself, what kinds of pins you like to or want to collect. If you currently are a collector/trader let us know how long you have been collecting. Make sure you enclose your return address with your letter. It's that simple all it will cost you is the time to write a letter and a stamp. P.S. Parents you can help with the letter. We will have to put everyone on the honor system on this one because it is strictly for kids 13 and under and limited to one bag per child. So what's keeping you, start writing.
Send To:

The KidsZone

5758 Corentine Cir

Kearns, UT 84118

(801) 413-3108

Heres the link to the site as well!