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    Default Help!! Husbands financial mess is stressing me out!!

    I really need help in what to do with our finances here. My husband

    works for an insurance company and makes about $60,000 gross. I work

    for a newspaper as a carrier. With tips and my income I make about

    $27,000 a year. Our mortgage payment is $2318 a month. My car

    payment is $535 a month. With all the bills added up it is close to

    $5700 a month. My husband is only on the house and he just recently

    leased the car. My credit is bad from a previous marriage that is

    why everything is in his name. My husband feels because he has good

    credit and can get these things I should be helping to pay them all

    off with no say. We still owe $3600 on a car loan he took out to

    buy a minivan. It was a personal loan not an auto loan and he

    turned the car in to buy the one I'm now paying a lease of $535 a

    month for along with $150 for a car we no longer have. Grrr! He

    received a settlement from a previous employer for a class action

    suit last year. He totally blew $38,000. He purchase a car online

    and had it shipped here. He kept it 3 months and sold it for $5,000

    less than what he paid for it. It just doesn't make sense. I'm

    tired of having all these expenses and can't get him to see my side

    of the problem. I'm planning on getting a second job right now to

    get out of this hole but I feel like I will be in another one as

    soon as this one is filled. Thank you for listening!!!


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    Sherri Booth

    Default Help!! Husbands financial mess is stressing me out!!

    I was wondering if your husband has actually seen where all the money is going -

    like a modified budget - If he actually "sees" your money going to pay off a

    previous loan maybe it would help. (its easy to "forget" things you don't want

    to think about!) Sherri

    Help!! Husbands financial mess is stressing me out!!> Thank you for

    listening!!!> Shelley

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