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    Default Enroll in Vo-tech Quilting Classes :o)

    I did.... tuition and I was able to make two new queen sized quilt tops for my family in just 8 evening sessions. Now that I know how to make the patterns taught (Around the World & Crazy Squares on paper) I will make many more variations of the same this summer (on days its too hot to be outside). I WILL also re-enroll this fall, because Ive made so many new friends (and will make more) and I will be taught a 2nd pattern in the new class. My daughter and I are doing this together. Its a lot of fun and the BEST way to keep the family warm next winter.

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    Default Re: Enroll in Vo-tech Quilting Classes :o)

    That sounds like so much fun! A close family friend gave me a quilt YEARS ago, about 16(!), and I've redesigned 3 bedrooms from the colors in the quilt. In the 3 different houses we've owned in 16 years, I've always picked out a color scheme that was accented by the quilt and used that as my muse. Luckily- it's held together extremely well over the years.
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