Consider taking another child into your home after you become

accoustomed to being mom to your own baby. With the price of day

care now days it should be all you need to almost make up the

difference in what you need. You will be saving what you pay for day

care plus what you earn. There are so many ways to save money, if it

is what you really want to do. Remember, you can take your baby to

the best day care in the world, but they will never love your little

one like you do. Being a stay-at-home mom is not easy or glamorous,

just ask this old grandma, but it's the most rewarding job in the

world. Make a list of all the things you can remember buying in the

last 6 months, and then see how many were actually needs. To be a

stay at home, you will not have all the latest toys or gadgets for

baby. You will find some great things at yard sales and consignment

shops. You may even find yourself exploring the possibility of using

cloth diapers and breast feeding in order to save money, if you are

really serious. One piece of advice I would give you, is if you have

parents or siblings close, allow them to babysit for you occasionally

and spend some quality time with your husband,even if it is just a

walk in the park (one of the best possible dates, time to hold hands

and talk), followed by a soft drink at McD's. No matter how much you

love baby, hubby still needs your undivided attention to. Good

luck!! You have some big changes coming in your life, whatever your

decision. Been there and done the mommy thing and wouldn't trade a

moment, although it meant even squeezing every nickle until it cries.

but one one small pay check we had 3 kids and sent them all to

college, had vacations and enjoyed almost every moment. Afterwhile

becoming a tight wad does become a game. There are some fabulous

resources on the internet to suggest ways to save. It all comes down

to determination. Grandma D.