What is the Military Extension Internship Programís mission?
With the help of the Department of Defense and USDA the Military Extension Internship Program helps university students and recent graduates gain professional skills through unique internships that provide real-world work experience with military child and youth programs. These professional skills will help past interns competitively enter the workforce and have already done so for several past interns.
With the help of a mentor, interns work in child development centers, school age programs, or youth centers on military installations. Depending upon where interns are located, they complete different tasks related to child, youth, and family programs. Throughout their internship they enhance programmatic or childcare efforts, connect families with support systems, and engage new youth/families in programs.
Interns are also required to spend at least four hours each week on professional development and necessary recording tasks in the form of professional development hours. These hours give them time to complete internship requirements such as a journal of their experience and a capstone report. To gain a better understanding of the jobs the interns complete please see the Intern Profiles page or the Job Descriptions.
These internships will provide experiences and information that ultimately aid internsí pursuits of professional careers and their ability to work in and advocate for additional childcare and youth programs in the U.S.
Interns will work with mentors/supervisors in their field throughout their experience and are highly encouraged to seek academic credit from their universities for the internship.

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Military Extension Internship Program