Apple Bites

These toothsome treats are a fun and healthy break from Halloween




Slivered Almonds

1. Just quarter and core an apple, cut a wedge from the skin side of

each quarter, then press slivered almonds in place for teeth.

2. Tip: If you're not going to serve them right away, baste the

apples with orange juice to keep them from browning.


Edible Eyeballs

Set out a platter of these creepy peepers, and your Halloween party

guests are bound to do a double take.



Cream cheese

Pitted black olives

1. Simply slice carrots into 1-inch-thick chunks, top each with a

blob of cream cheese and one half of a pitted black olive, and serve.


Spider Pretzels

These arachnid treats are easy to make and they look positively

lifelike crawling across your child's snack plate.

For each:

2 round crackers

2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter

8 small pretzel sticks

2 raisins

With the peanut butter, make a cracker sandwich. Insert eight

pretzel "legs" into the filling. With a dab of peanut butter, set two

raisin "eyes" on top. Makes 1.


Vampire Fangs in Blood

Your guests will want to sink their teeth into these.

Recipe Ingredients

8 large Red Delicious apples

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 tbsp. sugar

1 10-oz. jar strawberry or cherry sauce


1. Wash, peel and core the apples. Then cut each apple into 8 pieces.

2. Dip the cut apples into the lemon juice to prevent them from

turning brown.

3. To prepare the fangs, cut the apple slices into long, narrow

triangles, making pointy tooth-like shapes. Redip slices in the lemon

juice and lightly sprinkle them with sugar.

4. Arrange the fangs on a serving platter with the strawberry dipping

sauce in the middle. Make sure you splatter some of the "blood" over

the fangs. Makes 10 servings.


Putrid Punch

When your crowd gets thirsty this Halloween, serve them the special

of the haunted house--putrid punch.


1 13-oz. package lemon-lime Kool-Aid

1 cup sugar

8 cups water

1 can frozen orange juice concentrate

4 cups ginger ale

Worm cubes (ice cubes with gummy worms frozen inside)

3 scoops orange sherbert

This sick-colored punch looks disgusting but tastes divine. Empty the

Kool-Aid package into a punch bowl. Add the sugar, then the water and

stir until dissolved. Stir in the orange juice. Just before serving,

add the ginger ale and worm cubes and float the scoops of sherbert on

top. Before long, the punch will be green and infested with worms.

Serves 14. A perfect drink to compliment Worms on a Bun.

PARTY TIP: Be sure to freeze your worm cubes before the party.


Rotten Apple Punch

Most kids won't eat a worm unless that worm is gummy. So we put them

in this "rotten" punch to make it extra yummy.



Apple cider (adjust the amount for the number of people you plan to

serve; we suggest at least 1 gallon)

Five 1/2-cup containers (we used Pyrex glass dishes; other small

containers or cups will also work)

Red and green food coloring

10 to 15 gummy worms

Punch bowl

1. Pour apple cider into all 5 small dishes, stopping about 1/2 inch

from the top. Add 2 drops of red and 1 drop of green food coloring to

each dish and stir until the colors have blended.

2. Hang 2 or 3 gummy worms around the edge of each dish and place the

dishes in the freezer. If you use more than 3 worms, the rotten

apples won't float as well. Freeze until the rotten apples are solid.

3. Just before serving, slip the frozen wormy apples out of the

dishes by setting them briefly in a few inches of warm water in your


4. Float the rotten apples in a large punch bowl filled with untinted

cider. For added creepiness, drape the gummy worms over the edges of

your serving bowl.

5. Tip: Do steps 1 and 2 the day before serving the punch.


Wiggly, Jiggly Crystal Ball

Let your guests gaze into this Jell-O crystal ball (packed with

cosmic fruit) before helping themselves to a plateful.


4 3-ounce packages yellow Jell-O

2 envelopes unflavored gelatin

6 cups boiling water

Melon, cantaloupe, watermelon and blueberries


In a large, deep bowl, mix the Jell-O and the unflavored gelatin.

Pour the boiling water over the mixture and stir until completely

dissolved. Refrigerate for 1 1/2 hours, or until partially set.

Meanwhile, use cookie cutters to carve the melons into stars and

moons (sets of the cutters or aspic cutters are available in kitchen

supply stores for about $16 and are worth the investment). Press all

the fruit into the partially set gelatin, then refrigerate for 4 more

hours, or until set.

Place the bowl in a pan of hot water to loosen the Jell-O from the

sides, then invert onto a wizard-like platter. Serves 16 to 18.


Creepy Eyeballs


1 package white frosting

1 box vanilla wafers

Green or blue "LifeSavers"

Red gel icing

Chocolate chips

1. Spread frosting on vanilla wafers. Put one life saver on each

wafer. Place a chocolate chip in the middle of the LifeSaver". With

the red gel icing, draw bloodshot lines on the frosting. Then eat!


Kelly in IL