Cool! Another Free DVD rental:

Visit your favorite Blockbuster Codes & enter the following Code to get your movie for Free:

Blockbuster Code: ETTUBRUTE

Code Expiration Date: 3/21

How Blockbuster Works:

1. Choose your Movie Online (if you'd like) $1 a night
2. Use to Reserve DVD's
3. Pick Up the DVD from your nearest Blockbuster Kiosk
4. All movies are due back by 9pm

Kiosk Locations:
BLOCKBUSTER Express: Find a kiosk and reserve online - - BLOCKBUSTER Express

You need to make sure you return your one-night movie rental before itís due (9pm the next day) to avoid an additional night rental charge.

Also like Redbox you can use each promo code more than once if you use it with a different credit card.