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    <SPAN class="656194416-11092007">I'm in the process of adding a new section to of natural living recipes-
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    <SPAN class="656194416-11092007">Environmentally friendly cleaners, Cosmetic & Beauty recipes, Natural pest control as well as vegetarian recipes.
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    <SPAN class="656194416-11092007">If anyone has any recipes they'd care to add, (or photos of completed recipes) please feel free to send them on!
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    <SPAN class="656194416-11092007">Thanks,
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    Sarah Long

    Default New Topic- Natural Living

    I found some great natural weed killers for the yard. 1 gallon vinegar 1 cup salt 1tbsp liquid dish soap 1 quart boiling water 5 tbsp vinegar 2tbsp salt 4 cups white vinegar 1/4 cup salt 2 tsp liquid dish soap 1 cup rock salt 2 cups warm water Depending on the climate you have and the type of weeds you want to kill you may have to use different recipies but they all work.

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