List Price: $32.99 Deal Price: $19.95 You Save: $1.08 (40%) Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime with the Disney/Pixar-inspired Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile. Collaboration with this international machine of mystery means a sense of danger and intrigue. You'll need to pull out the big guns, and Finn McMissile's pop-up weapons are a match for even the stealthiest competitors.

Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

  • Ages: Four and up
  • Requires: Three AG13 button cell batteries; Phillips-head screwdriver
At a Glance:

  • Disney/Pixar-inspired car brings the story to you
  • Finn McMissile speaks key phrases during missions
  • Instant transformation reveals firing missiles and Infra-green spy screen

Instantly transforms to a fully loaded spy car. View larger.

Features sound effects and fun phrases from the movie. View larger.

Disney/Pixar Inspiration Puts You in the Story

Finn McMissile, the smooth-talking British Intelligence secret agent from Cars 2, is always ready for the most dangerous, complex missions. Now, with the Secret Spy Attack, you and Finn McMissile can go on a new mission in your own neighborhood.

While on your mission, Finn McMissile will call out some of his key phrases to aid you along the way. He'll inform you, "We're being followed!" if enemies are coming too near, and if he thinks the mission is getting too dangerous, he'll exclaim, "Go to weapons mode!" All of this is, of course, in the name of good "top-secret" fun!

Stealthy Pop-Up Weapons and Easy Reset

The Secret Spy Attack features quick pop-up weapons that allow for an instant transformation in the face of an enemy's approach. Simply press down on the hood of the car to expose two twin missile launchers that really fire, accompanied by a phrase from Finn McMissile. Press down on the back bumper to expose a rear missile with impressive firing range, along with an Infra-green spy screen. With this quick transformation time, you'll be ready for all-out action wherever it's needed.

What's in the Box

Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile, three missiles, and instructions.

Expires Mar 23, 2012

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