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Zombie Jombie
GREE, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: March 13, 2012
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Save the world against evil humans…with the undead!

Yes, they are zombies. Yes, they enjoy a steady diet of brains. And yes, they most likely smell pretty awful. But wait! Here’s the thing… for the first time ever they are the GOOD GUYS! It’s about time they got a better rep.

Play this card game of skill to defeat evil by collecting the most powerful zombies you can in order to unleash your army of the undead onto the true terrors of towns across the country.

(We guarantee that your brain will not be eaten if you play this game. However, we cannot promise that your brain won’t suffer a little bit if you choose not to.)


• Customize and build the strongest zombie empire – no two decks are alike!
• Complete quests to earn more zombie cards
• Create super zombies by training or fusing them with your other zombies

• Use engaging social features for zombie battles against other players, or team up with your friends for epic boss battles
• Enhance your arsenal by trading cards with friends
• Sneak attack other players even if they’re offline

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