List Price: $309.95 Deal Price: $269.99 You Save: $39.96 (13%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "This Zmodo surveillance system can both deter and detect all kinds of intruders on your property – except vampires. Possums raiding your garbage? Hoodlums tagging your garage? Whatever's happening out there, these eight cameras will capture the goings-on with night vision and motion detection, and save the video to the included 500 GB hard drive. You can even access the system on your 3G mobile phone. What it can't do, alas, is capture any images of vampires. While recent advances in undead photographic technology are promising, a real vampire-capable camera is at least 10 years away. So if you live in an area where vampire attacks are common, this Zmodo 8-camera system won't help you much with that. But you've still got possums and hoodlums to worry about there, too, right?"Expires Mar 11, 2012

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