List Price: $599.00 Deal Price: $189.99 You Save: $409.01 (68%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Sure, I could tell you how my weekend was. But I'd rather show you. So let the Optoma Neo-i projector carry you away to the magical video world I captured on my iPhone. Here's a jogger’s-eye-view of my morning run. Here's me at IKEA - on a Saturday! Whoa! And here's me watching videos on my Optoma Neo-i projector! Pretty "meta," huh? Yes, the Neo-i can project widescreen images of up to 120 inches for videos from my iPhone or iPod – or from sources like laptops, Blu-ray players, or AppleTV. And whether you're watching movies or listening to MP3s, its tuned onboard speakers deliver full, rich sound. But back to the videos. OK, now, here I am looking at my gutters. Do I need to clean them or can I put it off for another week? The answer may shock you! Jeez, sorry. If you didn't want to know how my weekend was, you shouldn't have asked."Expires Mar 7, 2012

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