List Price: $93.50 Deal Price: $45.99 You Save: $47.51 (51%)Equal rights for coffee and tea lovers. Can you hear us chant? Who says only coffee lovers get to enjoy the benefits of the easy press-a-button drip system - especially now, with its ease-of-use being combined with the taste benefits of the French press. After all, hot water is what it takes for both beverages. First, you fill the water tank with fresh, cold water. For coffee, you add ground coffee into the glass jug and press the button. No filter needed. When all the hot water is in the glass jug, you press down the plunger and your coffee is ready to be poured. If you prefer tea, you add the tea into a filter in the middle of the glass jug and press the button. Once your preferred strength is reached, you remove the filter and close it off with a lid. The heating element will keep your coffee or tea nice and warm. The 1/2-liter/ 17-ounce Bistro Electric Coffee and Tea Dripper is made from plastic, silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass. Available in black, orange, red, and green.Expires Mar 10, 2012

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