First things first: To be eligible to be part of the panel, you must:

* Own your own home computer, laptop or netbook
* Have Internet access at home (not at work, the library or a coffee shop)
* Be at least 13 years old 1
* Have Google Chrome on your home computer (or be willing to install it)
* Have a Google Account (or be willing to create one now)
* Live in the United States

go to to sign up.

it will install a Chrome extension that is constantly collecting your data. you will get an initial $5 gift card and then a gift card every 3 months, for at least 1 year while the extension is running.

a few things to note:
you need to have Chrome.
it will collect information even if you are using incognito window.
you can pause information collection by clicking the "Pause" button of the extension.
people under 13 years are required to "Pause" information collection while browsing.

Gift selections include:

1. $5 Barnes & NobleGift Card
2. $5 Papa John's Gift Card
3. $5 Rixty Card
4. $5 Sephora Gift Card
5. $5 WalMartGift Card
6. $5 Gift Card
7. $25 ExpediaHotel Card
8. $25 Grocery Savings Program Membership
9. Child ID Kit
10. Magazine Subscription