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Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: March 01, 2012

Via.Me for the iPhone is the first app that makes it easy to create and share pictures, videos, audio notes and text content across multiple social networks - all from a single app and single touch of a button.

Choose from 18 best-in-class photo filters built into Via.Me to stylize all your favorite photos. Your friends will want to know how you transform normal activities into stunning photo settings.

Sharing has never been easier. When you share a new photo from your iPhone, it populates in a photo stream on your phone and on your online profile. You can also follow friends and celebrities to see the new photos theyíve shared.

Via.Me Key Features:

* CREATE COOL SOCIAL CONTENT: Create amazing photos, videos, audio notes and text messages to share with your friends.

* INSTANT SOCIAL SHARING: Easily share your social content on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. More sharing destinations comingÖ

* CUSTOM PHOTO FILTERS: Turn your everyday pictures into beautiful pieces of art with 18 best-in-class custom filters to choose from.

* UNLIMITED FREE UPLOADS: You can take and share as many photos as youíd like. Via.Me will always be completely free.

* PHOTO FEED: Let friends and interested followers view all of your photos in a simple viewing photo stream.

* NEWS FEED: See friend requests, photo comments and likes from friends in a simple and nicely organized feed.

* SOCIAL FEEDBACK: You and your friends can like and comment on each otherís photos, adding commentary to the special moments youíve captured.

* PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Never miss a friendís comment. Via.Me tells you when someone interacts with your photos, even when Via.Me is closed.

* MOBILE & ONLINE PROFILE: View all of your friendís social content on the Via.Me app or on your online profile.

Enjoy all these benefits today. Stay tuned for more exciting features to come. Via.Me Ė A better way to share and follow lifeís moments.

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