Set up a friendly betting pool for one or more of the following:

  • How many time will they say Danica Patricks name throughout the entire race?
  • Who will start the first fight of the race?
  • The leader of the first lap
  • The leader at the mid-point of the race
  • Who will crash
  • Who will fail to finish the race
  • Who will win the Race
  • Who will be in the top-five finishers
  • What FOX announcer will mispronounce an open-wheeler's name the most?
  • How many times the phrase "Car of Tomorrow" will be used?

You could of course offer prizes- a case of beer, shots, lanyards, gas cards, pens, etc.

Here are some Cool Tunes to Play pre-race:

1. I Love NASCAR -- Cledus T. Judd
2. She Don't Love Me More Than NASCAR -- Grandstaff
3. Rev it Up (NASCAR Rocks) -- Blessid Union of Souls
4. Fast Like a NASCAR -- Kafani
5. Daytona -- The Backstretch Boys

6. The Wall -- Collin Raye
7. Runnin' Wide Open -- Joe Diffie
8. Route 66 -- John Mayer
9. Fast Cars and Freedom -- Rascal Flatts
10. Dale Earnhardt the Intimidator -- Brooks and Dunn