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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    This year I would like to start some family traditions for Christmas. I would love to hear from others what some of your ideas are.

    Mary Moses

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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    For Christmas Eve, we drive around to see Christmas Lights, and drink

    hot cocoa afterwards while watching a Christmas movie of some sorts.

    After that, the kids are each allowed to open 1 present, then off to


    Christmas morning is always a struggle, because we usually have to get

    the kids up, presents open, and get over to a relatives house. I expect

    this year to be even tougher, now that we'll have to drive over an hour

    to get there. Anyway, to make it easier last year, we started a new

    tradition- the kids can open the Santa gifts in the morning, then we go

    to the relatives Christmas, then when we get home, we open the gifts

    from each other. It makes it far less chaotic come Christmas morning,

    and the kids have a lot more time to enjoy themselves and their gifts

    if they don't feel rushed from present to present.

    One long standing tradition that stared when I was little, is that the

    kids are allowed to get into their stockings on Christmas morning as

    soon as they wake up, even if no one else is up yet. They have to wait

    to do presents until we're up.

    Hmm... we set up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend, and

    decorate the house then, so that it's up for quite a while, there's

    another tradition.

    Our old tradition always involved being with my family on Christmas

    Day. My husband's family is not nearly as big on Christmas being ON

    Christmas as mine was. When my Grandma died, though, that tradition

    died as well, though to be honest, we wouldn't have done it that year

    even if she hadn't died, because they had decided to spend Christmas in

    Florida that year. Anyway, for the past 2 years, that's meant Christmas

    with Nick's family on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve in the morning,

    we go to my dad's house, then up north to my Mom's, then drive home, do

    the Christmas movie/lights/cocoa/present thing... but that'll change

    this year, too, since Nick no longer gets Christmas Eve off unless he

    takes it off ahead of time. Before, at the college, he would get

    Christmas Eve through New Year's Day off, because the college was shut


    With my family, Christmas dinner was a traditional dinner- turkey, ham,

    potatoes, etc, etc, huge meal, usually served at around 1pm, with

    presents for everyone afterwards.

    With Nick's family, they do breakfast crapes (which I don't like), and

    last year, I added in muffins and cinnamon rolls to the mix, to give

    myself something to eat. We made our own ham up later that afternoon

    for our own Christmas dinner at home, just the 5 of us.

    I guess I'd have to say that over the past 2 years, our traditions have

    changed a lot, and are becoming more centered on us 5, rather than what

    everyone in our extended families do.

    We have stopped going anywhere for Thanksgiving now, and just

    concentrate on having our own dinner at home. No rushing out the door,

    no dressing up, we get up and start the turkey, the kids watch the

    parade, the food gets eaten at the table with candles lit, then Nick

    watches the football game. SO much more relaxing than in years past.

    Don't get me wrong, family is a large part of the traditions we have

    now, but they've evolved to be more of us and less of worrying about

    the extended family. My grandma was probably the sole reason I insisted

    on driving an hour and a half every Christmas morning (or early

    Christmas Eve) and spending my Christmas day's down there. But growing

    up, I always could count on 1 thing- Christmas day at Grandma's. I

    would wake up at my mom or dad's, open presents, get dropped of at

    Grandmas if I was with dad, or go with Mom, eat, open presents, then go

    off to the other parents house. But you know... while I do recall bits

    and peices of Christmas mornings at other houses, it's always been

    Christmas day at Grandma's that I remember best. It's just not the same

    now, and I'd rather start making my own traditions than to try and do

    something that doesn't feel the same to me.

    My hope is that in 20 years, it'll be my kids and grandkids who are

    coming over to my house every year for Christmas Dinner. That's why

    we're slowly working it in so that we have holiday dinners at our own


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    > This year I would like to start some family traditions for Christmas.


    > would love to hear from others what some of your ideas are.


    > Mary Moses

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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    Besides our family gathering - my favorite Christmas Tradition is our

    annual "come and go". We invite everyone we can think of, the

    house "slapped with Christmas" decked out to the nines, looking good -

    prepare a hugh pot of chile and my husband makes his best New England

    Clam Chowder - cookies, treats, and a little gift like an ornament or

    special cookie decorated w their names to take home with them. Of

    course, Holiday music playing on the bose. We usually have between 30

    and 60 people "come and go" - they come, gather, share and laugh and

    relax. It's very festive and loving along with just being a blessed


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    joy elliott

    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    This is a great topic. I would be interested in hearing others also. Well here are ours, We all go out ( my husband and I and our four children) an we get our Christmas tree at a tree farm. Then Christmas eve Morning we have a big breakfast and decorate the tree. On New Years day we all go out and plant our tree in the front yard. Then each years we decorate the trees outside. We also get the entire family My brother and his family and all of us and we make many different Christmas cookies, We deliver a Small box of cookies to all our neighbors. Our tree use to be decorated a little strange. It has things on it from since we were married 23 years ago. We have a potato masher that hangs on the tree since we meet in the Boys Home Kitchen where we both worked, we have tin cans from our car from when we got married an banners from when the house was decorated for each of the kids, l can not remember
    all the things. Now that we go and get a tree that we can watch grow we have changed our decorations a little we string popcorn dried fruit and use some birds and pine cones and decorate our tree. It is very simple. We also do not spend a lot on gifts everything is homemade and we do buy gifts for the Sargent Santa who delivers new toys to a group of kids. We all go to Mass Christmas sat Midnight. I know we do a lot more but can't seem to remember. have a Blessed Day Joy

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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    Here are some of our holiday traditions:

    - Making chocolate dipped cherries and rum-balls

    - Watching the local holiday parade with hot cocoa

    - Burning the Yule log (and staying up till dawn) on Solstice

    - Visiting my husband's extended family on Christmas Eve

    - Having everyone to our house for Christmas brunch & presents


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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    Hello, I haven't had the chance to really post, but been a lurker for years!! LOL>> but this topic is one of my fav's and I can't remain silent.
    Christmas is really special to me, as my family and my husbands family are not close and really don't have a lot of traditions, so we had to start from scratch. The day after thanksgiving, we drive to a christmas tree farm and find the perfect tree. It is a challenge, because we all have to agree... My husband and I have five children. Then we spend the weekend setting up the tree and the christmas lights on the house. We have cookie baking parties, invite 6 people over who each bring 7 dozen cookies and we chat and swap cookies to give as gifts. The kids and I make our yearly gingerbread houses...we make the patterns out of cardboard and my husband judges the best architecture. We drive with the hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights, and on
    the 23rd we go caroling. It always makes people smile. We are thinking of doing it at a senior center this year... Mistydawne


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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    Although I haven't started this tradition yet with my

    family, I want to....

    We've built up quite a collection of Christmas movies

    and books over the years which are always pulled out

    around the holidays - and everyone loves them.

    So, what I'd like to do is wrap 12 of the books and

    videos....and then for each of the 12 days before

    Christmas, my daughter can open one package - and if

    it's a book, we'll read that book...if it's a movie,

    we'll watch that movie.

    We also make craft ornaments for the tree each year.

    --- wrote:

    > This year I would like to start some family

    > traditions for Christmas. I

    > would love to hear from others what some of your

    > ideas are.


    > Mary Moses

    > (


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    Default What are some of your Christmas traditions.

    I buy new pajamas for all of us, pre-wash
    them, and wrap them up. We open them on Christmas Eve and watch a Christmas
    movie with a bowl of seafood stew.

    --- wrote:

    > This year I would like to start some family

    > traditions for Christmas. I

    > would love to hear from others what some of your

    > ideas are.


    > Mary Moses

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