List Price: $99.95 Deal Price: $24.99 You Save: $74.96 (75%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Think about the things that stress you out throughout the day; the people and situations that twist you up with anxiety. Now imagine shooting a big bolt of electricity to blast them all away. That officemate with the aggravating ringtone? ZAPP! That weird noise your car makes for a few seconds after you turn off the ignition? BZZZT! That confusion about whether there's one line for all the self-checkout lanes at the supermarket, or whether each machine has its own line? ZORCHH! All gone in a blaze of high-voltage fury! That's not exactly what the Prosepra pulse massager does. It uses safe, FDA-approved transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to soothe muscles, relieve pain, and reduce tension. But we've found it works even better when we imagine shooting electricity at everyone and everything that irritates us."Expires Feb 24, 2012

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