List Price: $69.99 Deal Price: $47.99 You Save: $22.00 (31%)At first your eyes will refuse to believe it. As if defying gravity, the remote-controlled (R/C) racecars stick to ceilings or walls like lightning-quick Geckos in pursuit of insects! GECKO 2.0 Anti-Gravity Racers create a playground for kids (and playful adults), who can zoom them from corner to corner, dodging spiders, windows, framed art, light fixtures even other GECKO Racers! The remote control gives drivers pinpoint control: spinning in circles, going left or right, zooming forward or backwards. How do the Racers perform these feats of magic? A high-speed fan creates a powerful suction force that adheres the cars to any smooth wall or ceiling (or floors, with the fan turned off). LED lights front and rear heighten the excitement. Compete in surreal chases, or create spectacular, mid-ceiling collisions. When the GECKO 2.0 Racers battery runs low, simply connect it to the Remote Control unit (requires six AA batteries, not included) for a quick fuel top-off.Expires Feb 29, 2012

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