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soragi - World-wide FreeVoice, FreeMessage, RandomChatting !
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: February 06, 2012
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- Program Description -
Soragi-based real-time radio and instant messaging application service is free.*
However, depending on the circumstances of your friends if you can not do real-time connection to the voice message is recorded and transmitted,*
The other side can be found in the history of communication.*
Register and login is simple and chat if you enjoy a 1:1 and group walkie-talkie, and*Plain text-based-on-one and group chats can also be served. Handy address book search (name, number, group, search) to quickly contact with friends and*
In addition, photos, videos and other multimedia files, you may be eligible to give.*

1) Real-Time Pop-ups for Voice messages (Brand New Service and Multi Threads Support)
2) World-Wide, and more than 5,000 people at a time for Free Voice Service Support ( Try Yourself the Unique Function)
3) Anomymity guaranteed, Voice, Text SNS service via Random Profile with New Friends.
4) Chat Speed and Emoticons Support- Experience it!

- Soragi Features -
1) Out-Standing Real-Time Radio Skill.

2) No more First Letter Method for Friend List, Groupd Management (Friend List> Friend Group Management)
3) Outstanding Profile (Make profile, Check who&#39;s visited your profile, Play by replying each other with friends, and Photos. It&#39;s time to share your story with friends~!!)
4) Global Service (Soragi is serving English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Do radio and chat with friend in other countries~!!)

- Main Functions -

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