Limbo Leis

Prep time: 60 min.

Activity time: 30 min.

Difficulty: Easy

What you'll need:

4 bags your favorite Masterfoods USA candies, such as SNICKERS Brand,

TWIX Brand and MILKY WAY Brand FUN SIZE and STARBURST Brand Fruit


1 pole (such as bamboo)

1 flower lei

10 pieces yellow, orange, light green & dark green tissue paper (10 x


10 24-inch pieces green & orange curling ribbon

Plastic wrap

Hawaiian music CD and CD player, optional

What to do:

To make the prizes:

Begin by making the Pineapple Prizes. With scissors, cut 10 pieces of

square plastic wrap. Lay the pieces flat on a surface. Put two of

each kind of candy in the center of each piece. Gather the sides up

and around the candy; then tape closed. Set aside.

Stack ten sets of one sheet each yellow, orange, light green and dark

green tissue. Put a candy bundle in the center of the tissue paper

squares. Gather the sides up and around the candy. Tie closed with

ribbon. Trim the yellow and orange tissue just above the ribbons,

leaving only the greens at the top. Set aside while you play the game.

To play the game:

Have two adults hold each end of the pole in front of the line of

players. Start the music...and let the kids go! Begin by holding the

pole above the adults' heads; then, with each successive round, they

should slowly lower it. The lower it goes, the more challenging the

game becomes. The player going the lowest without falling wins!

The winner gets a lei—and everyone gets Pineapple Prizes!

TIP: If your party is outside, have the kids put on their bathing

suits and then use a water stream from a hose for the pole.

RHYTHM TIP: If you don't have music, turn on the radio or have the

children clap out a beat.

To play: 30 minutes.


Palm Tree Favors

Tropical treats for guests to take home!

Prep time: 60-90 min.

Difficulty: Challenging

What you'll need:

4 bags your favorite Masterfoods USA candies, such as 3 MUSKETEERS

Brand FUN SIZE, STARBURST Brand Fruit Chews, TWIX Brand FUN SIZE Bars

and MILKY WAY Brand Miniatures

10 paper cardboard tubes (4-1/2 inches long)

10 sheets brown tissue paper (10 x 13-inch)

5 green foam sheets (9 x 12-inch)

Double-stick tape

Printable templates

What to do:

Roll the tissue paper around the cardboard tubes. Secure the papers

with double-stick tape. Tuck the excess tissue into each tube's

center, and set aside.

Using the printable templates, cut one palm leaf top and island

bottom from the green foam. Using the tape, attach a palm leaf to the

outside top edge of each tube. Tape an island-shaped foam piece to

the bottom of each tube.

Fill the tubes with an assortment of Masterfoods USA candies.

Makes 10 favors.


Kelly in IL