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Fairway Solitaire - Big Fish Games
Big Fish Games, Inc
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 15, 2012
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&#34;Ö an incredibly awesome puzzle game masquerading as solitaire.&#34; - Penny Arcade

&#34;One of the best designed games ever...&#34; and &#34; wonderfully fun it demands to be played!&#34;- Bill Harris of

Big Fish Games is pleased to announce that Fairway Solitaireô is back, and it&#39;s bigger and better than ever! The much-anticipated sequel and one of the most exciting and addictive card games available includes solitaire hands dealt on more than 350 hand-crafted golf holes, 4 mini games, 32 trophies, a golf shop, golf announcers, hazard cards, and one SERIOUSLY ticked off gopher!

Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain and desire to put all golfers in their place! From beachside courses where palm trees sway, to the hustle and bustle of illuminated city courses, keep your eye on the prize because there is nowhere this gopher wonít follow. Score the best runs by clearing the card deck using the least amount of moves, and donít forget about those Mulligans! Whether scoring a double bogey or 3 under par, this hit will have you laughing so loud youíll forget to be quiet on the golf course!


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