Hi There,

I am in charge of leading a group of Christian moms with 2 craft days.

Our budget is about $3.75 per mom. We were thinking about doing a

craft to take home and enjoy, and then the other day we were thinking

about making a kit or something to give to the needy. Like a box cake

mix, jar of icing and candles in a ziplock for a birthday bag for the

women's shelter to have for their kids birthdays...

Can anyone help me here? I am totally up to any ideas, but the craft

needs to be completed in about 2 hours. We are a MOPS group (mothers

of preschoolers) and we have found out that if we do not complete the

craft during the meeting, we are too busy to take it home and finish.

Any ideas would be great, and also web sites if you know of any.

Our Theme is The Home Factor, so a craft that helped in the home would

be awesome!

Please email me privatly, as I don't check all the digests!