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Has anyone tried the diva cup? I use the cotton pads, but I am ready to try something new. Any tips?

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    Default Diva Cup

    Has anyone tried the diva cup? I use the cotton pads, but I am ready to try something new. Any tips?

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    Love it! Been using it for years!

    You'll probably need to replace it every few years. It can get smelly...

    There is a 3 or 4 month learning curve. It can be frustrating. My favorite insertion/change time is in the shower. I take it out when I get in, pour the blood down the drain, then wash it and turn it upside down in my shower caddy. Then I wash up/wash my hair, etc. Before I get out I re-insert it. You kinda "push" like your doing #2, that seems to make it easier to insert. I kinda fold it (you'll get instructions in the box), then push it in. Once I "feel" it inside I stop. I run my index finger around the rim to make sure there is a tight seal (this is preferable for me since I fold it to insert it - I might have caused a gap where it will leak, so I always double-check). Once I'm sure the seal is there I continue to push it in until it stops. I usually wear a cloth pad, just in case, but hardly ever get it wet.

    When I out of the house. I grab 3 or 4 paper towels from the dispenser and wet 2 of them to bring into the stall. I lay the wet towels on the dry one.I pull out the cup and dump it into the toilet. Then I take a wet cloth and wipe around the cup. Sometime I'll dry around the cloth, but not always. Then I pee and wipe, then re-insert. I just seem to find it easier to re-insert when it's "clean" and dry then still icky. Since your hands will get dirty, I use the 2nd wet towel to wipe my hands good so I can pull up my pants.

    Take all the towels out and dump in regular trash (or in the pad/tampon dispenser in the stall). Wash your hands good.

    IMO you CANNOT use this if you have long nails or fake nails. Very uncomfortable sticking those hands in your vajajay.

    When you first start, it can be frustrating. Try it out around the house first. Or at least make sure you're wearing a pad in case of leaks. I LOVE this thing for nighttime. Before I'd get a GUSH first thing in the morning, the gush happens inside, and everything stays clean if you know what I mean.

    Good luck!



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