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    Default Hello from New Member

    Hi everyone, I am new to this group. I've been listening to Dave

    Ramsey ont he radio and he gave me enough of a wake-up call to know

    I have to try to come up with a budget and not be so unaware of my


    I have been reading some of the recent posts and I have a

    confession - about 3 years ago I bought a Food Saver on QVC and it's

    still unused in my cabinet. I must think it's too complicated or

    something. I am single and when I cook, leftovers can get me a long

    way as far as meals.

    Would anyone be so kind as to give me a quick how-to on getting

    started using what sounds like a wonderful tool? Can you seal raw

    vegetables, raw meat? or only cooked things like stew or casseroles?

    and if it's soup or stew, how do you keep the liquid from running

    out before you seal the bag? I am just so clueless, sorry. I'd

    appreciate any pointers.

    I love this group and look forward to sharing and learning with all

    of you.

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    Default Re: Hello from New Member

    Hi. I also have a foodsaver and I love it. You can freese raw meat . I usually put raw meat in a plain plastic bag then put in a freeser bag so the juice doesn't get in the machine. For soups or stews I freese in plastic line cooking dish. then put in a freeser bag and seal. When you want to cook this put it in the cooking dish after removing the wraper. If you need help caLL the help service and they will help you. I find them very helpful.



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